The Coolvert™ DSi10™ Server

Stay tuned for more information as our innovative, patent-pending product is released in the coming months…

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Dramatically reduced total cost of ownership No major data center changes required
Up to 50% energy savings at the server-over-server levelFits into existing rack structures
Stable at up to 55°C (131° F) operating environment*Quieter server environment
Billable revenue-grade electrical consumption monitoringNo need for data center cooling**
Designed with military COTS and NEBS in mindOperate efficiently in an open rack environment
Works with all current Operating SystemsSelf-identification of “Zombie Servers” in the data center environment
Runs existing software programsSeamless continuity during grid disruption
Enhanced cyber security


*Competitor products cannot withstand extreme environmental operational standards we function in.

**Entire data center must be fully converted to our system. This will result up to 30% more energy savings.