About Davis

Davis’ founders include visionaries with over 40 years of experience.

Through real world application and R&D, our experience has taught us that the traditional way of doing business is not always the most efficient and constructive approach for solving many of our industries’ problems. We have gleaned knowledge from many segments of industry, such as large-scale power distribution, the telecom industry, common industry practices, and thanks to American ingenuity and common sense, we have gained unique insights into problem-solving in this field.

Davis Systems understands the challenges that confront the IT industry’s decision makers: density, electrical consumption, use of data center assets, space constraints, expansion, OSHA, etc. One wrong decision on product or approach to TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) can have dire consequences. Operators need the correct hardware in order to provide real efficiency, reduce operational costs, and extend hardware life while safeguarding critical data center hardware, software, and data assets.

We have designed a product suitable for broad deployment across the  industry. The Coolvert™ DSi10 is not just another server.  Its unique features make it a revolutionary addition to its industry . We designed it to be extreme in its capabilities and offerings, yet compatible with current server infrastructure. We have invested years of research and engineering into analyzing server industry issues, and we found what needed to be “fixed.” We did not rush our server out the door. We methodically engineered it to address a range of problems found in previous designs. The result, our DSi10™, does not require massive infrastructure conversions (from existing industry practices) in order to achieve significant cost-, energy-, and maintenance-saving benefits.

Doing business in today’s world is challenging. At Davis Systems, we chose to tackle the problems facing the industry by creating a design that was fresh, extremely useful, and fully capable of addressing the needs and requirements. We challenged the industry’s current approach and ways of doing things by looking at each problem separately, working out its solution, and then analyzing our solution’s relationship to the larger picture and needs of the data center. Taking an approach that literally goes “back to the drawing board,” we have been able to reinvent the server while remaining software and mount-point compatible. We have tried to cover all deficiencies, and the DSi10 is our answer.

Retrofitting a data center with unparalleled energy savings, security, manageability, and monitoring can be accomplished one server at a time or enterprise-wide. The DSi10‘s in-depth problem resolution absolutely addresses our customer’s server needs.

Discover how “We’ll answer IT™.”