Our History

We have a rich history as a trusted developer of HPC (High Performance Computers) Products.

Our co-founder Arch Davis III, who earned his MSA degree in computer science at Princeton in the 1960s, has watched the PC industry evolve since its infancy. Our server design has been in the creative stages ever since. Our original, cluster Geowolf (a Beowolf) in 1999, was the first ever HPC server cluster built for Princeton University and one of the first ever built in the world. Davis Engineering, as we were then known, continued developing one-off HPC computers and clusters for various University Departments, National Labs and Corporate Clients. This was the R&D platform from which we derived the concept for the Coolvert™ DSi10, with the intent of transforming it into the modern workhorse of the data center industry.

Eight years ago, we broke with convention and stopped making computers to focus our attention on research and development– to take a much more thoughtful approach to the future of the computer server industry.

We deduced that modern currents of design run afoul of the objective of energy consumption and use life. This is due to leaning too heavily on the PCs of old, and as a result server offerings in current form are unable to fulfill the industry’s real needs. We found that standard server designs, or even new exotic offerings, create new sets of problems which are a consequence of the poor designs themselves. Problems such as excessive use of air conditioning and other methods of cooling servers, problems from poor use of space in the design of data centers, and problems in which 80% of floor space is used for purposes other than compute processing equipment.

We have built significant cost-saving efficiencies in the server cooling technologies, and make 80% of floor space available for computing. Decades of experience, vision, ingenuity and common sense problem-solving, have spawned our revolutionary approach.

In 2008, we changed the corporate name to Clusterco Computer Corporation as we went through the Research and Development phase to achieve our vision. Then in 2016, we re-branded ourselves as Davis Systems, Inc. and geared up to be the OEM manufacturer of the world’s most advanced server offering on the market.  This re-branding enabled us also to take on strategic corporate partnerships such as NewMar, which provides us an uninterrupted access to many of the quality-built components necessary to achieve even greater energy savings.