Emergency Relay/Charge – ERCs

The E.R.C. allows emergency battery tie-in to a radio system that is normally operated by a power supply.



Under normal conditions the radio is connected through the ERC to the power supply and the back-up battery receives only a trickle charge to keep it in peak condition.

In the event of AC power failure a relay automatically connects the radio to the back-up battery, restoring the system within one second. When AC power is restored the radio is automatically reconnected to the power supply and the trickle charge resumes to the battery.
Available in 12 or 24 VDC, 15 or 35 Amp ratings, (not ignition protected.)

Application notes:

  • 1 sec. switch over delay may not be suitable for data transceivers. Instead, use a system where the battery is floated on output of power supply – see Power Pac or IPS or APS.
  • Trickle charge current will maintain a back-up battery but will not restore a deeply discharged battery.  A separate high current charging source is required.

Specifications: Emergency Relay/Charger

Model Amps Size-inches Wieght
Int. Cont. H W D Lbs Kg
ERC 12-15 15 10 2.25 2.875 4 1 .5
ERC 24-15 15 10 2.25 2.875 4 1 .5
ERC 12-35 35 30 3.875 2.875 4 2 .9
ERC 24-35* 35 30 3.875 2.875 4 2 .9
*Built to order

Typical Trickle Charge Current:
1.5 amps – will vary depending on power supply voltage and battery condition.

Optimal Power Supply Voltage:
12 volt systems: 13.4 – 14.0 VDC
24 volt systems: 26.8 – 28.0 VDC